8 Random Counters

Purpose: for when your PCs require the use of a counter. Generally this will occur when they have accumulated more gold than they can count on their own, have low intelligence scores, and/or distrust each other.

  1. Warryn Quickstep

    A beggar. Struggles with with numbers above 35, but otherwise proceeds in a linear fashion. Prefers to count sheep. Tends to trust others too easily.

  2. Cecily Thistletop

    A licensed moneychanger, with the ability to count to twenty-five thousand and possibly even higher. Charges a 3% fee for services rendered. Fashionable appearance. Looking to adopt a cat. 

  3. Vadania Qinlen

    A grain merchant. Can count up to eight hundred and seventy-six, but struggles with primes. Prefers the feel of silver. Enjoys telling stories.

  4. Anne Wiseacre

    A young girl of eight. Unable to count, though can consistently estimate the amount of gold pieces in one jar with an uncannily high degree of accuracy. Has plans to become an investor.

  5. Delia Talbot

    An experienced herbalist. Method: divides all objects into groups of 13, then closes her eyes and remains deep in thought. If the total amount of gold is a number easily divisible between the relevant owners, will mutter a curse under her breath.

  6. Geoffrey Stonebridge

    A sculptor and entrepreneur. Method: has a large scale, counterbalanced with small blocks of lead. Will attempt to swindle if he senses an opportunity. Dislikes poetry, but fond of gardens.

  7. Wilona Harrison

    A usurer. A reliable counter, though will not do business with those who appear to be of religious occupation. Deposits all gold in a safe and gives a bill of exchange. Often feels a sense of anemoia.

  8. Mathias Yonder

    A practicing hedge wizard. Has no interest in coins, though will spend months tallying stars, clouds, beetles, slugs, hairs, and sedimentary strata at no charge. Has a strong social network of acquaintances, but fears they will soon abandon him.

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