Castle Xyntillan Hex Crawl 1: Fire in the Mistsap Woods

After running the Castle Xyntillan dungeon for about half a year (30 or so sessions), we transitioned our campaign into a hex crawl loosely based on the setting, and incorporating other ideas that players came up with. Here is the first part of the player session notes as a series. As a background, the players have investigated most of the main parts of Castle Xyntillan and have discovered the place is cursed.

Unfortunately, twenty or so player characters died so far in the campaign, but they haven’t managed to resolve the curse of Castle Xyntillan. They are currently exploring the surrounding lands in order to get stronger before returning back again. In the notes that follow, I’ve edited the reports only for grammar and removing some game-tracking elements such as XP values.

As a side note, every GP is worth 5 XP in this game. As players are constantly coming and going, character levels range from 1 to 4.

Session Report 1: Fire in the Mistsap Woods


Player Characters: Mordan the Elf, Wolfram Gembeard the Dwarf, Urm the Cleric, Ozor the Mystic (Magic-User), Hargar the Druid, Justin the Thief, Porkchop the Dwarf, Berlito the Fighter

Retainers: Stalker the Ranger, Armand the Figher

We swore fealty to the Yellow king, dropping the tithe to 20% and snubbed The Thieves Guild. Purchased mounts for the whole party, a cart with two horses, and a dozen empty barrels. Hired a ranger to act as a guide in the Mistsap woods.

Day 1 – Travel West (Q25-Q27). Q25 contained barrow mounds with mushrooms. Camped in Q27, and Ozor notices a group of travelers camping. Mordan casts invisibility to scout ahead and approach the camp. Ultimately left each other alone.

Day 2– Cloudy chance of rain. Moving West to Q29, herein there is deep sinking hazardous mud to the Southeast. During the night, our sleep is interrupted by the moaning of treants. They consider us a pollutant and wanted us gone. We politely obliged and opted to forego resting to get away from them.

Day 3 – West to Q31. We stumble upon a stone bench and. The fire syrup is very abundant throughout the woods. And the trees seem to be overproducing it for some unhealthy reason. Experimenting on the fire syrup: it burns blue then pops and booms casting flaming fluid everywhere.

Day 4 – Spent collecting the fire syrup approximately eleven barrels of fire syrup (Q31)

Day 5 – is spent collecting the rest of the fire syrup and then exploring/mapping (Q31). Searching the southern side of the hex exposes a granite statue of a fat chipmunk with its mouth agape. Placing on acorn in the mouth of the statue caused the silhouette of a small compartment to appear. Inside the compartment is a pair of boots with elvish symbols. The symbols are an old elvish poem about moving silently. (Later identified in town as Boots of Elven Kind and left unclaimed.)

During the night, an encounter is rolled. Four large toads with colored spots are seen under the moonlight. They appear to be dancing and flicking their tongues. After they catch notice of us, their dancing becomes aggressive and they start to move in. But we may have misinterpreted the movement, and the aggressive dancing began to seem to be a friendly display, perhaps impressed by our magic? They don’t speak much but manage to spit a few words out “invisible” “insect” “insect elf”.

Casting Detect Evil to detect proposed invisible evil insects reveals a vague aura of evil that seems to emanate from the Southeast. The toads implied maybe whatever it was they were referring to was above us, maybe something stocking us from the canopy. When asked “Soil-Sick-why?” The frogs respond “Soaked.”

Day 6 – Moderate rain washing over the forest. Travel back West to Q29. The rain has caused pools to form making it hard to pass. We diverted and took an alternate path to NE (P30) and camp there instead.

Day 7 – Regular weather. Travel West to P28. A couple of dead 5ft long spider corpses with colouration matching the foliage here. The druid attempts to milk some venom from the corpses and succeeds. During the night some bats fly by in the distance but seem not to have noticed us.

Day 8 – Forced march back to (Q23) Along the road we find a sign pointing the Northeast in (P26). It says “copper.” The barrels of fire syrup were sold to the Thieves Guild in Tours-en-Savoy. 200gp each.

-written by TheLoamRanger

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