Castle Xyntillan Hex Crawl 2: The Injured Ents

Player journal notes from the Castle Xyntillan Hex Crawl.

Session Report 2: The Injured Ents


Players: Mordan, Wolfram, Ozor, Hargar, Justin, Porkchop
Retainers: Stalker, Armand

Downtime: Investigating turns up a rumor that the Barrow mounds to the east of Tours en Savoy are the last known site where traces of an ancient race of goat-men can be found. Buried with artifacts maybe? Purchased supplies. Tents, rations, and cookware. Decided to head East to try and map some more of the Mistsap woods and try to root out the Gullygug hideout at the same time.

Day 1 – Depart Tours en Savoy and travel to (Q29). Wolfram pushed his horse too hard and it croaked. We stopped long enough to move the carcass off the immediate path. There were large numbers of crows perching out in the woods. When the druid tried talking to them, they mentioned hunger ominously. We politely directed them to the dead horse a few miles back and they flew off.

Day 2 – Was cold and there with a layer of frost over everything. Explored and mapped (Q29). We spend the day exploring the tangled woods and find some smaller areas that are treeless 50 yards apart and disembodied wailing sounds coming from them. The soil is sandy and white and prodding them with a pole reveals they are liquid underneath. They also seem to have peculiar shadows that move across them? The ranger recalls a hazard in the area referred to as a “soul(sole?)-trap”. Likely some kind of quicksand or worse.

Day 3 – Waking in the morning we notice a faint goblin smell around and notice tracks. We opted to follow the goblin tracks to (R27) and find a hill with steep running water. The water has a slightly acidic and metallic smell. (The next day our exploring found turned up a cave entrance on the north side of the spring-hill.) Before camp the druid casts speak with animals to talk to his hunting dog. It mentions something about the place smelling like honey.

Day 4 – The weather is clear. We explore (R27). We see in the distance a number of large trees sprawled out and hacked up. The trees are actually eight wounded treants. The druid talks to them for a bit in sylvan, they are apprehensive at first but after he heals a wound in the tree ( a carved heart surrounding the initials “B.S.”), they open up a little.

-They don’t seem to think things are growing larger just “different”
-They told us the Gullygugs are laired to the east in deep pools (Maybe R30? Or further)
-The man that chopped them up wielded an axe and was about 7ft tall, went to the North, and seemed to be from the mountains.

Day 5 – Cloudy with dark clouds in the distance, with the possibility of a storm. Traveling to the SE (S29). Come across an are a with a large tree 50 feet wide and maybe 20 ft tall arching over the trail we were following. It is incredibly old almost calcified looking. There are also loud insectile noises in the area. Casting ESP gives a sense of different strands going different directions connected to nodes relating in a vast range. the meaning is interpreted as something watching and waiting. A stone tossed inside the arch got stuck; confirming our suspicions there are spiders about and likely inside.

We tied a torch to a pole and burned the webs inside. This causes the insectile sounds to stop. And then just outside the edge of the trees is a shape over ten feet tall and glowing from the aura of a detect evil spell.

Everybody scrambled to hide in the foliage and ready weapons, a sleep spell had no effect on the shapes’ advance. Then it sprung out; revealing itself as an enormous black widow and singling out Porkchop. It sank its fangs into his neck and imparted a lethal dose of venom. Likely expecting to only have to deal with the one morsel, it exposed itself allowing the rest of the party to jointly assault its rear and finish it off with a magic missile. Amongst the refuse in the cave were a few coins, jewelry, and spider eggs. Plus a wriggling halfling held as a captive snack. He promptly joined the party to replace Porkchop.

Day 6 – Brown slime of some kind near the campsite greets us in the morning. We spend the day exploring (S29). We see a group of several dozen myconids chanting all with one voice telepathically “weave” and “brother”. A larger one amongst them approaches us and hesitantly speaks with us when asked what they were doing they tell us “lost” “roaming” “gift.” They also mention being “mistreated” when asked why they had to leave. They didn’t seem to trust us, were happy to be told about the location of the goblin cave and some other caves in the mountains. But ultimately decided to go their own way to find a new home.

Day 7 – Rainy weather reduces our travel distance. Traveled to (Q27) and found a small altar to an unrecognizable god. The druid attempts to place friendly plants on top of it in hopes of cleansing it or warding against bad juju. During camp we are ambushed by owlbears. Yet to be decided. 660gp for spider eggs, coins, and jewelry. 8 shares- 6 characters 2 retainers, one new character. (413xp 82gp each)

-written by TheLoamRanger

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