Castle Xyntillan Hexcrawl 4: Ice Mountain


Players: Hargar, Mordan, Wolfram, Ozor, Faffringer, Mangouste, Mokainn
Retainers: Armand, Aziz the ranger.

Downtime – Asking around the pub leads Glenburg to tell us about Ice mountain. Storm clouds hang around it often He remembers that five or six years ago a party claimed to have found a tomb they wanted to investigate, he was friends with one of the party but they never returned. He says one of them mentioned coldness and gems and walkers.

Day 1– Cloudy, might storm travelling to (P28) via (Q25)-(P26). We stumbled upon a group of eight boar but we were able to just let them pass by. It starts to rain. A few badgers are visible in the trees. At camp, Mordan is awoken by loud bats with beaks. The druid hears them say “owl.” Mordan creates an illusion of lightning to scare away the bat winged things and they flew back to the south. May have been stirges?

Day 2– Cloudy and colder than usual. Explore (P28) searching around the hex, it seems quite serene. The dominant feature is the cosmic helix, stones of different heights. some towering quite high. To the South is an area of flat square stones engraved with elvish names. They look like they are over a century old, there are no more than twenty and they lay at odd angles, some of them overlapping. The names follow patterns with variations on names like lineages. They are enchanted as well as the trees ringing the clearing. The trees were also paying attention to our actions and gently swaying.

Day 3– Travel to (Q31) via (Q29) the main path is blocked by rubble. No way North from from here. Collected firesap from the trees. There were webs to the East and the sound of croaking through the night.

Day 4– Cloudy cold breeze coming from the North. Traveling to (P30) via (Q29) Tracks of large bipedal creature heading Northeast. There is a chill even though it is sunny out. Unusually cold. WE settled into the cave mouth to camp and during watch that night Mangouste catches a nauseating stench and hears some faint chanting. An illusion of a cave-in blocking the cave is produced hoping the trogs will just continue to wander by. They ignore our cave and more than fifty pass by, they sound they are making reminds us of a imitating some kind of call.

Day 5 – Sunny. We made our intentions to blast the ice door clear to the bats. Then we heated an iron spike to melt a channel into the ice door. Poured a vial of firesap in and ignited it at a distance with an improvised fuse of oil-soaked rope. The blast didn’t break all the way through but the new surface was unfrosted and gave us a view into the chamber on the other side. So we repeated the process and broke all the way through. There is a faint blue glow on the other side and the remains of a door that was apparently against the ice on the opposite side.

Room#1 There is a deathly chill in the room. There is bonfire with blue flames that emanates cold and hovering above are two old human forms floating above the fire. They detect as evil and their skin is translucent. The creatures don’t see us as we sneak East to the door.

The elves listen at the door but hear nothing. Armand forced open the east door to Room #2. Room #2 is a chamber with twelve false archways across the hall; these contain murals that depict humanoid faces that have been stretched and twisted. The walls and floor are frosted ice, in the middle is an altar on a raised platform. Around the altar are four square pedestals. On each of the small pedestals is a small sword pointing away from the center pedestal. The pedestals and floor detect as magic.

We skirted around the outside of the room to investigate the east door. From the ground a gigantic hand made of ice bursts out. Ozor is grappled and it pulled him under the surface of the ice. Ozor tries magic missile but the sparks of magic flash uselessly under the water. Rygar casts water breathing on Ozor so he is only hurt by the ice-cold water. We managed to pull him free of the ice Turning the swords one by one to point inward didn’t seem to trigger anything. The hand reemerged and grabbed Armand. Armand broke free and we decided to run for it. We bolted past the floating figures faster than they could react. With a second thought Hargar attempted some collateral damage on the way out stopping to try and dispel the enchantment on the fire, but the hesitation was enough time for the figures to claw at him paralyzing him. He hits the ground and turning quickly. Armand avoids their clawing attacks and grabs Hargar and drags him to safety past the frozen door. Luckily he was only paralyzed for ten minutes. While resting, we caught a glint in the ceiling of the first cave with the bats cleared away. We opted to camp for the night so that we can investigate whatever is in the ceiling.

Day 6 – It is cold a chill emanates from the cave. Using a torch we cast levitate to get a closer look at the ceiling. There is a fissure that opens up into a small space that is about five feet long and wide. A small cavity. In that cavity is a square stone tomb. It has a flat stone lid and a purplish seal along it. The sarcophagus appears to be about five and a half feet long. Detect magic shows that the purple seal is magic. Hargar dispels the magic of the seal. And a rubbing is taken from the tomb. Inside the sarcophagus is an old decayed swarf wearing a silver crown, the base is filled with gold coins and there is a hammer clutched in the right hand. The crown comes free plus a nice Warhammer and there is 400 gold inside the coffin.

Day 7 – Travel.

Day 8– Travel. Dwarven crown is fine craftsmanship 800 gold. 400 gold pieces The hammer is a +2 magical warhammer. 134gp and 667 xp The word that was imprinted from the coffin on a rubbing was “tribute.”

-written by TheLoamRanger

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