Dolmenwood Session 1: Hops for Prigwort

A session player report from running a hex crawl in the Dolmenwood setting.

Players: Torus (Janus Winterfell, level 1 Elf), Sivinus (Aloides, level 1 Moss Dwarf), Rytgar (Durnen, level 1 Hunter), Zee (Grimmico, level 1 Grimalkin)

10th of Reedrime


The party sets out in Lankshorn as several folk are seeking gold, glory, fame, trophies, and the perfect alcohol. Looking for work we find a notice for delivering Hops for Prigwort and as Alodies the moss dwarf is on the quest for alcohol and the party needs funds we settle for it.

The Hops collectors make us sign documents that would have his liable for lost or stolen property should we fail on our delivery. We try to hire out a retainer with a wagon in hopes to maximize our profits and hire out Wumpus Snodgrass a Woodgrue who owns a wagon he demands two fair shares.

The rains delayed our travel but we left the next morning on the eastern road to Castle Brackenwold then towards Prigwort. On the route to Dreg we see the remains of a camp and poke around if they left anything around and find paper and notes of the life story of Bagnack Pumpersnickle.

The notes seemed to be focused on events mostly focused on dancing and tourneys of the land focused on dancing. It seems that Bagnack had moderate success in this so we decided to hang onto the notes in case they can give us any tips.

A Night in Dreg

Janus tries the Mermaids Arms (Arse by the grafiti) to pick up some information from folks outside of the town on how to ford the river if there are any bridges. The innkeeper tells us of a few routes and recommends the woodcutters encampment could get us across.

Though before we leave he asks us about One-Eye Gill, has both eyes, black hair, and tattoos one of them of a corrupt prince with crutches, another an apple, seems he has left the town. He says to be wary of her.

We rest for the night with Ronulf and Alodies sleeping with the wagon in the night the wagon watchers are approached in the night by some ruffians. Ronulf scares them off, promising them death if they come further and notices their leader had red hair.

Dreg is starting to appear like a thieves’ town.

We decided to see what the woodcutters offer in terms of heading out but before going out we asked about why there are no bridges to easily cross east. Rumors about why there is no bridge range from being destroyed in disputes with the nobles, there never was a bridge, and it’s a foolish endeavor to build one across the river.

The Woodcutter’s Encampment

We decided to just pay for a boat to get across the river and take our way across. His boat seems to move strangely against the current runes on the sails suggesting something mystical. When we reach the woodcutter’s encampment a moss dwarf approaches his kinsfolk Alodies and asks for directions to Marrowbold’s Smoke shop trying to sell off some goods there.

He makes conversations with us and introduces himself as Tomumbolo. Conversation drifts to Castle Brackenwold and mentions how pipe weed is illegal there and mentions how they charge a hefty toll nowadays.

Tomumbolo says to seek him out towards the south on the Gold Path some time if we ever need more work.

Forest Encounters

We decide to cut through north in the woods to hopefully avoid the tolls. On the way we see a graveyard with much of the area unearthed, strange blue worms in the area. Eventually we come across fleeing dwarfs as they shout at us the headless rider is chasing them. We desperately hide off the trail in hopes whatever this creature is ignores us.

The fleeing dwarf drops a bag. Janus grabs the bag as the headless rider seems to gaze at Janus and follows him after grabbing the bag.

The headless rider lifts up the head and it speaks and says “Give me Laborer.” Janus hands over the bag and just pulls out a strange box from the bag and takes it as she seems to draw strange power from it.

She takes it and leaves but at least the gold in the sack was left behind.

We set up camp after the encounter Aloides sees on his watch strange lights in the distance of the woods. They move towards Janus and seeing them closer, they are sprites riding asking if we’ve seen the Blue Knight. Describing only with words “Scale armor and blue torches.” They leave us after they tell us they have no information.

In the morning we head out and make our way around Fog lake and see caves in the distance. Mole looking creatures appear shouting please at us seemingly asking for help. As they approach we see their skins are diseased and they seem to start swarming around us and biting everything around us.

They’re shouting for flesh now but Alodies shouts out in his secret tongue that there is more flesh to be found at Meagre’s Reach. This was in a language no one else understood so no one really knows what happened other than Aloides saying they went to Meagre’s Reach and I’m sure there will be no repercussions.

As we camp out after that we’re spotted by red capped fellows that seem to be guarding something but they leave alone.

In the morning before we finally reach our destination we see centaurs carrying religious items to the one true god and they too thankfully leave us in peace.

Gold & XP:  333 gp & 1665 xp

Special or Magic Items: Scraps of a journal on a life spent dancing

Written by: Rytgar

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