Dolmenwood Session 2: Hunting the Gryphon

A session player report from running a hex crawl in the Dolmenwood setting.

Players: Zee (Waqwag, Level 1 Grimalkin), Anne (Molly, Level 1 Thief), Torus (Janus Winterfell, Level 1 Elf), TheLoamRanger (Soland, level 1 Knight), Sivinus (Aloides, level 1 Moss Dwarf), Rytgar (Ronulf, level 1 Knight)

24th of Reedrime

Prigwort Rumors

The party of Ronulf, Janus, WaqWaq, Aloidies are joined by Val the Ministerial and Soland the Knight

Spending a week in town before setting out, we hear rumors that the Jeweler Hague Jerricorn in town may be a freebooter and may know the location of hidden treasure. Rumors that she’s the daughter of Jerricorn, a legendary freebooter themselves.

Janus pickus tries to pick up rumors of the headless rider we saw before nothing turns up but warnings of bad luck plagues any who wander off the bean road.

One however mentions a rumor of phantoms that wander through the woods and that there is a strange standing stone in the north east. He suggests it could be Lady Harrowmore, the ruler of Prigwort’s great grandmother.

Seeing a call for religious artifacts to be given to the Society for Dark Comedy we’re unsure of grabbing the skulls for a cultish like group and decide to get the skulls first and decide who to give them too. Hearing rumors of an Old Abbey we set out there before the festival in six days.

The Road West and the Gryphon

We set off to the road west as a thick fog rolls on on the path we encounter gryphon. We see it carrying something and giving it a shot of trying to shock it into dropping it onto the ground.

It works but unfortunately the gryphon decides to engage. It kills our Donkey but Waqwaq orders us to put in ear plugs and is able to hold it in a magical song but it attracts a more creature friendly version of the strange flesh hungering moles we saw.

The moles start singing about the great feast so maybe they are the flesh hungering type? But we’re able to entice the gryphon down and entice it to the ground and try to get it to drink the alcohol to get it really knocked out but it mostly fails.

We are able to get the creature tied to a tree and while Waqwaq continues playing the rest head to investigate the corpse. It does take a swipe at Aloidies but luckily he survives barely.

Investigating the corpse and trying to remove the necklace from the body it grabs Ronulf and using holy water vials to kill the creature it dies but creates an explosion shooting out bone fragments killing Ronulf as one shoots into his neck.

Durnen shows up late from town now and sees the disaster play out before his eyes. After a night of playing and more ropes eventually the creature is successfully bound.

Night Wolves and Moles

Janus was able to lead the moles away from the group attempting to teach the moles the value of fruit but they seem to be more interested in flesh and eventually leave with the gift of some meat rations. Investigating the body the creature seems to have been submerged mostly in water and the glass shard of the necklace it was wearing.

For three nights we wait for the creature to weaken enough to load it onto a cart and on the third night the baying of wolves cry from around us. Eventually seven dire wolves surround us. Waqwaq has been playing all through these days so physically exhausted he is unable to trap them in the dance magic.

All the party members are wiped out save for Waqwaq. Only death was found that day.

Gold & XP:  450 xp only for Waqwaq the only survivor.

Written by: Rytgar

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