Dolmenwood Session 3: The Abbey of St. Clewd

A session player report from running a hex crawl in the Dolmenwood setting.

Players: Sivinus (Gormak, level 1 Friar), Zee (Wukwuk, level 1 Grimalkin), Rytgar (Ulmat, level 1 Illusionist)

9th of Obthryme

Setting out from Prigwort

 Gormak the Friar and Ulmat the Illusionist decide to take up the job to take Skull Relics for the Dark Comedy who seek to expose the “churches lies”.

Gormak being the Friar agrees with this as he feels the church is at least a bit corrupt.

We hire two retainers Mabel and Breath-upon-Candlelight an Elf to take on our journey to recover and encounter Waqwaq on the way out of town willing to join up with us. Hopefully this expedition goes better for him than the last one.

Going into the woods the sounds of strange music seems to echo in the woods and reaching the bend near Sinkhole Creek we come across a sign of “The Devil’s Mill” pointing south. There was also a small island in that river but we also ignored it for now.

The Old Abbey

The road leads to a rocky hill with tumbled stone walls all surrounding it. Eventually we reach a gate that leads towards a tower to the north, a cathedral to the north west, and a large building to the west.

A debate of going between the cathedral and tower comes up between the illusionist and the friar but we leave the choice up to Waqwaq the most experienced member of the party.

He chose option three. Approaching that building it turned out to be the mausoleum. It appears that experience does lead right. On the way we passed through some graves, a few already looted or without much flare and style.

We see a set of graves depicting the architects and looking at them Gormak was able to tell the history of buildings around the old abby as they depict the history. At a cursory glance it seems to denote this palace is at least a thousand years old.

We see strange colored mice running around the building who eventually retreat inside. Trying to find out if they are physically or ghostly we throw some bits of food to see if they eat it. They get closer towards it and start to eat, showing their physical and looking closer we see that their skin appears stained by something…

They look like burn marks or splotches of shifting color? Ulmat suspects some kind of magical effect has happened here but can’t say if it’s a mutation of magic or something recent here. After scouting around the mausoleum we approach the front door and we see two large stone doors with no handles covered in grime and dirt.

We can also hear sounds of something moving behind the doors almost like a digging sounds with the scratching of claws. Looking up we see gargoyles on the building and that the north western part of the roof looks damaged as though it was hit with debris somehow?

At the top of this building is the name Archimandrite Heccadedicon.

Parley with the Skryke

We send Mable up there to see some open graves and something skulking about in the shadows. Trying to lure it towards the shadow by dropping a rock there the light seems to slink away deeper in the shadows instead. We do see eyes staring back in the distance. Gormak attempts to converse with it from the rooftop asking if it can hear us.

It does respond “I can hear you.”

Asking it what it is or who it is it says “what do you want me to be.”

Gormak wisely says “a good friend” and it responds by shifting about a grave where teeth are missing and other parts. Wondering if this is a spirit of a saint it responds it is not and worships no god that it is a creature of a forest, a Scryke.

Asking what it wants is that it feeds upon the energies of this remains. It uses remains to learn it says and feeds off the bones of those that are morally corrupt.

Beware the winged bird children, strange creatures. Gormak suspects it may be either angelic beings like cherubs or demons the Scryke speaks.

We take a deal with the Scryke it will teach us of this place and allow us to look only the items of the graves from the bodies around here but not their bones and bring to him the remains of any corrupt souls.

The Cathedral and Well are two ways to the graves the creature cannot reach. Though it says the well is more dangerous.

On the way to the Cathedral we checked a statue in a small grove on the base. The name Apoplect the ever-roaming is written there. Touching the statue it seems to actually move as though it has some kind of wheels. Underneath the statue is a wooden trapped door that is latched.

We head down and see an area filled with shelves filled with wine bottles and stacked cages two feet by two feet each. We grab a few of the good wine bottles and inspect the cages. We see small bones and feathers strewn about them.

Going through the room more thoroughly we find a strange silvery feather which we also grab nothing in terms of power behind it but just a rarity of color.

Heading back up we also now notice there is another building further north. Noticing the sizes we decided to check the smaller buildings first before exploring the bigger cathedral and go to the tower.

The Belltower Ghost

The tower has three floors above the base and with a bell at the top with crows congregating all about the top of it. The tower seems as though it’s gone through repairs.

On the inside of the tower we see a small altar dedicated to Saint Woad with a founding date being 1000 years ago.

On top of the altar are small trinkets like sticks that were bundled together to make a house and a few small stick figures almost like that of a family. Noticing something shiny in the small hut we find a finley made locket. On the outside of it is an engraved H and a silver chain.

Ulmat makes wild conjectures as to the origins of this hut and locket suggesting that it must have been a priest giving up the woman of his dreams joining this Abbey. Gormak opens the locket and finds a picture of a woman in the locket with Ulmat all the more invested in his theory now.

Looking at it all together it appears to be of the Harrowmores and the picture is Lady Harrowmore herself in her early 20s. Lazy Harrowmore would be in her 40s now.

Moving up to the next floor a voice of a girl whispers out loud “stop being mean Bilbrey.”

We decide to move up hearing that quietly now and we can notice a ghostly white silvery light glowing out and all about the floor is blood and feathers. Deciding to avoid that for now we move up to the next floor but Ulmat continues his wild conjectures.

On the second floor we see the ropes that connect to the bell tower and littered about the floor are stuffed animals. We also notice that all of them have human teeth sewn into their jaws.

Being thoroughly creeped out now we turned to Breath on a Candle about what could be going on if she’s ever experienced or heard anything like this.

Her thoughts go back to a story she heard of a Gloam who should be avoided at all costs. The creature is known to collect trinkets much like a crow.

At the third floor of the bell itself is a strange creature lying under the bell which appears to be long dead with a bird’s beak and a top hat. It appears to be all decayed bones. 

Gormak grabs the hat and sees the name written in it Mr. Ragenbones and inside the hat are trinkets and wedding bands. We take what we can of all of it before the rest of the ravens and crows snatch them up.

On the way down we take a chance to speak to the spirit and try to pretend to be friends with Mr. Ragenbones. But she tells us he died but doesn’t know how. Asking her what the last thing happened before she lost track of her Bilbry who she tells us now was her brother.

She says there was fighting and a Knight with Green Light with Mr Ragenbones and now remembers that the Knight killed him. The knight apparently wanted to take her to her mother but she… was afraid and ran falling off the tower.

She does say her brothers Willy and Bilbry do come to visit her and asking about their height they seem to be adult in age judging it. Asking her what her mother had anything to say about her was that she was the most stubborn one. Also we get her name now which is Violet.

Seeing as we need to rest and trying to find a place we head across the river we notice an altar and check it out.

The Altar itself seems to be hovering above the grass and trying to move it we find that we can but strange energy seems to shoot up. We leave it alone and let it reset in place.

We head past it to a shack we were thinking to rest in but we notice a campsite now which appears to be fresh at the tent. We see it’s empty currently but two shields were left there with the insignia of the Harrowmores.

Camping for the Night

In hopes of meeting who these people are we decide to use their tents and fire and rest here.

Checking the small building south of the camp it appears to be an outhouse with small light emanating from it.

We open it and see strange candles that appear to be unmelting candles. We let Mabel gather up the candles just in case they were cursed.

In the distance we see a group of “pilgrims” coming here to pay “respect” to Saint Clwyd. Without Gormak being aware Ulmat gets them to donate to Gormak to avoid being cursed on their “holy” journey.

Before we leave back for town we ask what these scavengers have seen or heard of this area and they note they came across two Harrowmore guards who were opposed to them journeying this way but the one with the pickaxe says they were able to slip by them.

They mentioned their “evil” gazes and that one of them had green eyes. Whether this was them trying to really sell their… innocence or the truth is unknown.

We make our way back to town and count our gains and plan what to do about Lady Harrowmore’s locket. We sold the silver chain attached to it of course.

Gold & XP: 2492 xp & 212 gold.  

Special or Magic Items: Harrowmore Locket (without chain)

Written by: Rytgar

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