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Dolmenwood Session 4: Further Exploration in the Abbey of St. Clewd

A session player report from running a hex crawl in the Dolmenwood setting.

Players: Zee (Wukwuk, level 2 Grimalkin), Rytgar (Ulmat, level 2 Illusionist), Anne (Val, level 1 Fighter), NotJoking (Orist, level 1 Elf), James (Scrawny Shamus, Level 1 Knight)

Region: Old Abbey of St. Clewd

23rd of Obthryme, Year of the Red Deer

On the Road to the Abbey

Deciding there’s more to be done at the abbey, we head out in the morning. On the path to the old abbey we see an old man running quickly away from wild boars. Shamus runs out there with a torch in hopes it’ll ward off the boars as the rest take the time to climb up a tree and pick them off from a distance. Waqwaq throws another torch out in hopes to aid and Shamus takes it after passing his off to the old man. They get a scrape on the old man but oddly enough he isn’t bleeding?

The boars start to gore the old man to death ignoring Shamus and his flesh starts turning into rubbery flesh starts to appear and starts to expands into a mass. Shamus seeing that the boars remain intent on this flesh thing slowly backs away up to the rest of the party. On the remnants of flesh blob are a nice jacket and a bonnet. We take what’s left behind what remains and Orist and Waqwaq suggests that the boars seem to be motivated more out of anger than hunger.

On the remnants of clothing: a gingham bonnet, black bow-tie. His belt has a large brass buckle with the face of a green man. 7 gold pieces. The boars leave down south to the forest below and moving towards a sign Castle Wrackenbold. Which is in the place where the sign that said “The Devil’s Mill” was? There appears to have been no physical tampering and the dimensions and the sign is placed against the tree exactly as it was before. We leave it be for now but leave a cloth tied to it to see if anything changes next time.

The Abbey Grounds

We reach near the abbey to need to camp and decide to huddle away in a safer location in the woods. Orist and Val are able to find a good spot sadly near a rotting bear corpse. We just keep our distance to it and wake in the morning with nothing ill happening.

Afterwards, we enter the abbey grounds and head back to the northern shack near the Harrowmore guards campsite. Again we see no one there but it seems to have been here recently again.

The building itself appears to be a older chamber with rotting everywhere and plants growing through it. To the south we notice bookshelf and to the north we see a closed stone door. Entering the room with the bookshelves most of the books seem to have been taken or burnt.

The Ruined Quarters

Of the books we can find four preserved books hopefully valuable; Atanuw√ę’s Shattering, The Life History of St. Dougan the incredulous, Hauntings of the Drune, and The Life Works and Teachings of St. Clewd.

Inspecting book shelves more directly we find a passageway that leads slightly downward. Following the tunnel leads us to below the cathedral but we decide to finish exploring the northern building first.

We approach a desk we saw when entering and discovering a sack we have Mabel open the sack barely avoiding a poison needle but inside we find 9 red gemstones. The sack itself is also valuable as its got a resetting machine trap woven into it but the poison is exhausted. We start to hear loud croaking noises in the area…

Approaching the northern door we see a private room that has a marble painting. The painting is of numerous religious figures moving into the woodlands preaching to the beings of it. On the inscription as translated by Orist is “First Teachings of the One True God Brought to the forest” which depicts a scene 1200 years ago.

In main entry room the other southern room left of the library we find a bunch of rubbish but the broken pieces of glass may be valuable we start grabbing rags from the mattress to bundle them up in. Grabbing the bundles we see the beds are filled with bugs and both Shamus and Waqwaq dine well tonight on bugs.

In the northern rooms, we find octopuses under bed sheets? They all appear to be dead? Looking about the room we find small bits of scripture on St. Clister of the four winds and St. Nuncy the wretched.

Swirling Water in the Bathtub

In the room right of that we find a storage area of crates mostly looted save for the last 4. Most of what’s inside is a bunch of dried food. One chest has about 600 silver coins, spells scroll, and a small bundle of 7 finely made arrows.

Behind the stone door we see a strange wash tub swirling in a pattern. We jostle it about to see if it’s fastened the the ground or not and it appears to be completely separate. Knocking the tub over we find a strange black plate pushing out but the water starts swirling about on the wooden floor. Worried about this we start raging up the water and putting it back in the bucket.

We leave it alone for now the plate as its heated and the tub as its worrying. We move down towards the abbey and see a giant frog jumping about the strange magical circle to the west of the building. Leaving it to its business seems like the best course of action, and so we avoid it and the strange cursed circle. Scout out the ruined abbey and looking through the window, we see strange crows that seem to be roosting inside the abbey which is overgrown. The river also seems to flowing into the abbey for now we scout around the area and on the southern side we see a vineyard and three lone graves.

Psychedelics in the The Fungus Vineyard

Checking the vineyard we see in the center are vines the older ones appear thorny vines. Checking the area for rare herbs we find purple fungus, stinkhorn fungus, and black clover. Rumors are that the black clover is extremely psychedelic. Which Shamus saves for himself later.

Orist and Shamus realize that the plate being super heated could burn it for them to inhale the smoke. After inhaling the smoke, the cliff side starts speaking to them telling them they are moving too much. They start talking to the beds in the octopus room asking what happened in this room and the bed … responds to them saying a big shaking happening all of a sudden and purple light. They say that the vines are talking about eating chicken?

We grab the loot including the marble painting and plate armor and return to town.

Gold & XP:  252gp 2s & 1,288 xp each

Special or Magic Items: Strange plate armor, Scroll of Contact Higher Plane, and a Bag of potential assination (lacks poison).

Written By: Rytgar

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