Dolmenwood Session 5: Beneath the Abbey of St. Clewd

A session player report from running a hex crawl in the Dolmenwood setting.

Players: Zee (Wukwuk, level 2 Grimalkin), Rytgar (Ulmat, level 2 Illusionist), Anne (Val, level 1 Fighter), Sivinus (Gormak, level 1 Friar), Denimwizard (

Region: Old Abbey of St. Clewd

9th of Braghold, Year of the Red Deer


The dragon hunters who were hiring adventures appear to have gone missing.

Lady Harrowmore is seeking aid to  help with issues relating to the Naglord.

The Sign to Castle Wrackenbold

Gormak rejoins the group along with a new fighter Pigly. We set out with Waqwaq and Ulmat, as well as the hireling Mabel who is now a fully trained thief.

Passing the sign that was changed from the Devil’s mill to Castle Wrackenbold still remains the same there with the scarf tied onto it. This time we decide to investigate this castle before heading towards the old abbey, but the woods are too thick and we head back to the road and keep on track to the mission to the abbey.

Reaching the edge of the abbey and return to the dead bear campsite we used last time before venturing into the abbey. The bear remains still remain there.

Brother Legworth, The Abbey Ghost

Upon entering the abbey the group heads back to the garden we see a monk wandering the graves to the south. Gormak tries speaking to the strange man, calling out to him, but a strange black emanance shoots out of the body and worms crawl through his flesh.

Hestarts approaching us but it moves slowly. We move to the garden hoping to catch him in the thorns or vines he just brushes past them and says the words, “so ruined” and “the garden.” Gormak threatens to turn the creature if it doesn’t stop. It begs him not to saying it can no longer stand the sight of holy symbols.

The spirit gives its name as Legworth, and asks us to repair the garden he once studied in. He says he was once believer, until he saw the “becoming of St. Clewd.” Inquiring as to what occurred here, he says some kind of rift happened that killed most everyone, and that it was as though space was ripped in time. In the process, Clewd was transformed into something else.

We decide to take him up on his offer to remove the thorns. In the process, we discover an old well obscured by the thorns.

Legworth offers us a secret for our help. “You must find the Prior,” he says. “He keeps a key on him day and night and only this key opens the vault.”

Legworth also says he misses the taste of food. Not seeing a way to help, we hand over a ration in hopes that the feeling of rubbing it on his teeth makes him feel better. Worms shoot out of his body and dig themselves into the bread, quickly turning the bread to rot. We back off and decide to give him space after that.

The Ruined Abbey

We head to the abbey proper, and use the tools Waqwaq bought to cut one of the stained windows, allowing us entry inside. 

On the stained glass is a mosaic of a saintly figure with a short white beard and halo. He stands in a court of law and points to a burning man on the left side. People are trying to douse the burning man, but it isn’t working. The saint holds a coin purse. The inscription reads: “The wicked punished.”

Gormak recalls the story that the scene depicts. Saint Clewd had paid the fines for a penitent couple. Seeing this, another war lord had asked the same of the Saint and claimed that he would burst into flames if he wasn’t truly penitent. The moment he uttered those words, the war lord burst into flames that could not be doused.

Entering the building, we move to the center we see a skeleton immediately to our west. On his body is notebook of sermons, the most recent one being 100 years ago. We take the bones, in case he was a sinner to offer it to that strange creature we met at the Mausoleum.

Entering the main hallway, we see an organ where numerous ghost birds seem to be nesting. At the middle of the abbey it appears there was some sort of blast that impacted the ground below, shooting up through the roof. The river that now that flows into the main abbey doors seems to whirl downward underground. As we approach the whirlpool and stare at it, it starts to spin in the other direction.

Approaching the main altar to the west, we see an inscription reading “sacrifices to the one true god.” Gormak remarks on the strangeness of the words, offerings he’s heard off but sacrifices. Gormak thoughts turn back to a debate he once heard on the nature of faith, but can’t quite remember the details.

Beneath the Abbey

We decide to take the southern staircase to the underground leading us to a stone door we push through it and see a area filled with tombs the markings suggest there all filled with people from 100 to 200 years ago. Moving past the entrance, the door shuts behind us and does not open.

Towards the northern side we see a river. Looking more closely, we see three floating figures in robes with large gold crucifixes. They hover mostly motionless over a bridge that goes over the pool to the north.

Exploring the east, we see a small waterfall flowing into a pool, with gargoyles looking over it. Strange purple light radiates near the area.

We head back to the floating spirits and douse the torch. Waqwaq spies on them in the dark, seeing them simply floating and watching the area to the east where the purple light is. We skirt around them in the dark with Waqwaq leading us, and arrive at another bridge and a opening to the south with moon symbols against the walls.

Looking at the stone wall above the water, Gormak also sees another inscription saying “sins of which may lead one to eternal damnation” and reads them out as follows:

The 14 Sins

  1. Isolation
  2. Illness
  3. Taking of hostages
  4. Eating ducks
  5. Insistence
  6. False blessings
  7. Refunds
  8. Speculation
  9. Will
  10. False permissions
  11. Youth
  12. Retreat
  13. False cooperation
  14. Fatherhood

Exploring the Southern Passage

We go through the door near the moon symbols in there is a hallway with names written there one being Prior Heathrough. Taking Leagworth’s advice we decide to check that for a key. Opening the door is a grave of gothic imagery with a image of a storm engraved on it.

Waqwaq gets the feeling we need to break the seal to open the grave. Opening the grave we find it empty and suddenly Sivinus hears a words rush out from the ground, saying “patience my son.”

As we inspect the room Pigly keeps guard and the rest search it. We’re able to discover the base of the sarcophagus is hollow opening it shows a staircase leading downwards and to the west. For now, we try to discover an exit before checking the staircase. We find the same well around the corner and set up a rope so that we can climb out later.

Mirrorwine of Rent Clothing

Going down the staircase beneath the sarcophagus, we find a study area and see a person sitting there and reading. We throw caution to the wind and greet him.

He says “Oh, visitors!”, and names himself Mirrorwine of Rent Clothing. He says he’s studying the ancient essays, the energy, and the river.

The man warns us that the eastern section is a bit dangerous and asks us as a favor to kill him. We see signs of undeath on the person, with bruises around his neck as though it was bludgeoned. “Miracles are not always kind,” he says.

We’re able to convince him to let us take the tapestries in the room, and ask him to return with us. Mirrorwine agrees. He remarks that the northern tapestries are of the White Clewdites, and the southern one the Grey Clewdites.

He tells us a little more of them giving us the titles associated with the groups:

White Clewdites: Order of Brothers Mendicant, Pursuivants of the Holy Clewd by the Bowl and the Rod

Grey Clewdites: Most Sacred Order of Adherents of the Faith Universal in the Disciples of the One True God

On the way back to the well, Gormak seems to start being affected by the area and starts floating. We quickly lower him down with rope.

We also grab another stained glass window from the back of the church. This one depicts Saint Clewd as a old man with his back hunched over a stone slab. His right hand is over the head of a dead man, and a woman holds the hems of the robe kissing his feet.

Upon our return to Prigwort, we sell our goods. We introduce Mirrorwine to the Society for Dark Comedy, who may be interested in his knowledge with promises of his fair treatment and a audience with the society.

Gold & XP:  2444 xp, 488 gp 

Special or Magic Items: Mirrorwine

Written by: Rytgar

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