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Forbidden Caverns of Archaia: Session 3

This is a session report from running Greg Gillespie’s megadungeon, The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia. You can find the start of the series here.

Battle at Lizard Pass

Players: Daryl (Mr Death + Wulfgar), Rytgar, y0j1m80, denimwizard, Justin, Ozor the Mystic (Mike), jdsull3002, DavidC (Tempore)

GM: Evil Tables

Region: The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia 

Encounter at the Eastern Rim

After entering the canyon pass, we see orcs carrying green ore in wheel barrels towards the west. Two heavily armored figures lead their ranks, which appear very disciplined. They spot us but we waited out the orcs on the pass and they moved on by.

As we made our way again down the pass we encounter a pitched battle of 50 lizardmen attacking 20 neanderthals. We used the cliff side to launch boulders down at them killing 16. While we tried to rally the neanderthals, the cowards ran.

The lizardmen then turned to us to attack. We prepare to spell cast, sling bows, and slash swords at the lizardmen. Songs will be told of this day.

Alefred is impaled by a lizard’s spear. Wulfgar casts hypnotism, showing the lizardmen that points to the north west to where their home is, and saying that the Neanderthals are running home. We killed the lizardmen forcing them off the edge with magic, breaking their spirits.

After the battle, we meet Fredale, a new companion. We also find 300 gold pieces and two fine spears of magical quality and a magic seeming dagger.

After making our way to the neanderthal cave, we meet an ogre and a small few orcs. They are open to conversation, and the ogre mentions he’s no longer allowed to eat lizardmen or kill hobgoblins. It also appears that they are now corralled the Neanderthals into providing them with bones and dead matter for some unknown purpose. There is definitely animosity between the factions but some hierarchy is keeping them in line.

Aftermath of the Battle

So far we note of the factions the cowled figures and imperial looking humanoids, bugbears, hobgoblins, lizardmen, and the neanderthals. 

The neanderthals say Azorc has been taken their elder and only he knows how to get into the library. He offers 3 ivory tusks for saving the lives of his cowardly men.

We take Crud of the Neanderthals with us back to town. Tempore asks the leader where in the caves are dangers to the Neanderthals and he tells us to the south west are many valuables.

We find a sinkhole that has two statues across it and strange doors. There is a safe like lock on the door with numbers on it in Archaian script. Runes also are on the statues.

Ozor using read magic reads runes symbolizing watching and destruction. We end the session plotting how to handle these doors, the rescue of Azorc, and if aiding the neanderthals past getting access the the library is worth it.

Gold & XP: 367 gold & exp each in total. Three magic spears of +1 quality and one magic dagger of +2 quality

Written by: Rytgar

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