Into the Wyrd and Wild Encounter Tables

Charles Ferguson Avery’s Into the Wyrd and Wild is filled with strange monsters. However, as noted by Skerples, it lacks encounter tables. While there are some great generator tools already available for this book, their encounter logic is mostly hidden, and it’s not clear whether they take into account the varying scarcity or prevalence of different monsters.

Here’s my version of a d100 encounter table. It’s divided into day and night, with an additional d20 table for use near a swamp. All monsters were divided into Common (6%), Uncommon (3%), or Rare (1%) occurrence levels, based on reading through notes in the text and my own speculation. Many of the stranger monsters are only encountered at night, making night overall more terrifying and dangerous. Daytime monsters are those that are more likely to be encountered while travelling, while nighttime monsters are ones that show up while camped out in the darkness.

Wyrd Encounter Table

Wyrd Encounters 1/2
Wyrd Encounters 2/2

In using this, I strongly recommend crossing out the monsters you dislike and replacing them with some mix of other fantasy monsters and/or regular humans and other passing travelers. David Schirduan’s Wyrd Map generator is also excellent for coming up with locations and details on the fly.

While not necessary, you can also use the following spark table for inspiration in terms of activities. Monsters are rarely just attacking; more likely, they will be hunting, searching, investigating, or doing something related to their own interests:

Wyrd Encounter Activities

While there are five factions detailed, it’s unclear how they should be factored into the encounters. I’ve provided this table, where a result indicates that the faction is related to the encounter in some way. Depending on the fictional context, the monster might be part of, antagonistic to, or want something from the faction in question.

Wyrd Factions

Make encounter checks as often as you want and based on the underlying system you are using. Something like Cairn is a great system to use for a Wyrd-focused hexcrawl.

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