Job Board: Prigwort (d6)

Job board for use in the Dolmenwood setting.

1. Skull Relics

Seeking saintly relics for knowledge of the forest beyond, for use in upcoming show.
Reward: 400gp per saint’s skull

-Society for Dark Comedy

2. Gryphon!

Cruel forest beast harrasing travelers. Hunters and Soldiers wanted!
Reward: 100gp for services rendered

-Captain Hogwash

3. Dead Wyrm’s Lair

Looking for torchbearers and hardy adventurers, to find the final resting place & hoard of the old Wyrm Chasobrithe. You will be rewarded with
1 fair share of fine treasure from the dragon’s hoard
-Jymes Logueweaver and the Cow Dungeoneers

4. Swamp Herbs

Buying all bloodcap, grinning jenny, and goatman’s goblet.
Prices: 10gp/100gp/10gp

-Wyrmspittle, Herbalist in Residence

5. Share Your Ale Recipes

Seeking brewing techniques, yeast enchantments, and recipes for new microbrew. Established families only.
Reward negotiable, up to 800gp

-Abbot Spatulard of St. Key

6. Have Old Books?

Purchasing tomes on the subjects of scrying, dimensions, demonic summoning, fairy bathtub design.
200gp/hardback, 100gp/scrolls. Especially interested in any info on the whereabouts of the Black Book of Llareggub

-Mostlemyre Drouge

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