Rumors for a Haunted Manor

Purpose: for generating rumors for a haunted manor. While these are rumors, it is generally advised that every result rolled is taken to be the absolute and immutable truth. The time given for these events should range from four months to eleven-hundred years in the past.


  1. An ex-necromancer with eyes of pink fire, turning over a new leaf
  2. Several exiled geologists, wearing flowing multi-color capes
  3. A mad wizard-child of ill-repute, fuming over the death of her grandfather
  4. A green knight of enchanted armor, with hidden insectoid alliances
  5. A superfluity of excommunicated nuns, running from their past dalliances
  6. A class of wealthy children, and their long-dead teacher
  7. A council of sheepherders, trusting no one but themselves
  8. A wandering witch, a poet of illustrious verse, and a renowned geographer

What They’ve Done

  1. Imprisoned someone they love deeply
  2. Chained themselves with twisted wires
  3. Philosophized incessantly to their death
  4. Transformed willing guests into architecture
  5. Summoned a dark being of exceeding mathematical calculation
  6. Starved several elves of their memories
  7. Cultured four hundred malignant diseases
  8. Set fire to their entire collection of pottery


  1. In the flooded basement
  2. Under the guestroom floorboards
  3. At the top of the crumbling west tower
  4. Tangled in the courtyard maples
  5. Deep within the hedge maze
  6. Inside the kitchen cupboards
  7. Beneath the hall of statues
  8. Within the grand baths


  1. In search of alchemical secrets
  2. To cure their insomnia
  3. As a form of therapy
  4. To reunite with their lost past
  5. To control their addiction
  6. To gain forgiveness for past debts
  7. In search of exotic emotions
  8. To gain revenge against the gnomes

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