OSE Character Generator

This is the latest version of my Old School Essentials Character Generator.

Current features include the following:

  • Point-buy
  • Basic and Advanced classes
  • Equipment
  • Languages
  • Character Details
  • Export to PDF Character Sheet

Characters are saved via the browser API and can be uploaded again for future use. I’m also considering expanding into into a fully-fledged app for character management.

11 thoughts on “OSE Character Generator”

  1. This is fantastic! Making a character in B/X is easy but this makes it even more so. I love that this will export to pdf of the character sheet. I will be using this in the future. Thanks!

  2. Is there any chance that we could manually enter our stats, as well as remove characters from the tavern?

    1. Good points. I added an update where you can now remove characters from the tavern.

      Fore manually entering stats, did you mean at the starting page (after rolling) or at the end?

      1. Thanks for the fast reply, could we also have a re-roll button once the stats are rolled, rather than having to reload the page? Sorry to be a bother, I really do love the tool 🙂

        1. It’s no problem. I can probably add a reroll button. Although it does go against my OSR sense that you should always stick with the stats as given 🙂

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