OSE Character Generator

This is the latest version of my Old School Essentials Character Generator.

Current features include the following:

  • Point-buy
  • Basic and Advanced classes
  • Equipment
  • Languages
  • Character Details
  • Export to PDF Character Sheet

Characters are saved via the browser API and can be uploaded again for future use. I’m also considering expanding into into a fully-fledged app for character management.

24 thoughts on “OSE Character Generator”

  1. This is fantastic! Making a character in B/X is easy but this makes it even more so. I love that this will export to pdf of the character sheet. I will be using this in the future. Thanks!

    1. Good points. I added an update where you can now remove characters from the tavern.

      Fore manually entering stats, did you mean at the starting page (after rolling) or at the end?

      1. Thanks for the fast reply, could we also have a re-roll button once the stats are rolled, rather than having to reload the page? Sorry to be a bother, I really do love the tool 🙂

        1. It’s no problem. I can probably add a reroll button. Although it does go against my OSR sense that you should always stick with the stats as given 🙂

  2. Hi there – awesome character generator – just wondered if there is a way to make it spit out sheets with Descending AC instead of the more modern Ascending?

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  4. Maybe I’m confused, wouldn’t be the first time, I’m not seeing how to do point buy only to roll stats.

    1. Based on the B/X Rules, you can only do point-buy through decreasing Strength, Intelligence, or Wisdom if they are 11 or higher. Arrows on the sides of numbers will automatically show up if this is an option.

      I am looking at adding the option to input stats manually, though, or even allow for a more traditional 5e-style point-buy.

  5. This is fantastic. I’m using it to generate a bunch of characters, print them, and put them in sealed envelopes. I’ve used SO MANY other character generators and this is by far the best, mostly because of the ability to export to the purist pdf.

    Here are the things that are getting in the way for me:

    I can’t disable the dice animation on my phone.
    the dice animation should default to off anyway. it slows things way down.
    I never buy any equipment, but the pdf still includes the text “weapons:” and “armor:” in two of the lists.
    when i don’t roll hp, it doesn’t blank out the related boxes.
    when i don’t select an alignment, it writes “alignment” in the alignment box
    the portrait box has a lot of text in it that I don’t want

    If you can change these things or provide an option to change them, you will improve an endless number of session preps for me…. but you’ve already greatly improved them, so thanks regardless.

  6. The sheet tells you the weapon but does not tell you the attack damage, it tells me skills without the details. can those be added to the sheet ?

  7. Hi! Awesome tool, everyone in our discord server uses it, so congrats. By far, the best character generator out there.

    Just as a side note, I’m starting my journey as a developer, and I’m really curious. How did you achieve to export the saved data to Form Fillable PDF? Anyways congratulations for the generator!

  8. I love this generator! Are you planning any more additions? One thing I could really use is an option (or a separate generator with the option) to select Class and Race separately.

  9. Hi! Just a heads up that in the generator it gives Goblin characters a potential 1d10HP to start. A goblin has 1d6 HP to start. Small thing, I know. But just a heads up!

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